Ad hoc or comprehensive services assisting in the development, completion, sales, recovery and strategic planning of distressed development and investment assets.



High level strategic and tactical advice with a focus on optimization, market positioning and risk mitigation / management.



The provision of ad hoc or full scope management services to professional developers requiring additional resources from time to time.



Review of holdings to assist in determining overarching strategic policy, with a particular view to the assessment of short or long term development or value add opportunities.



PPDM provides comprehensive, hands on development service encompassing all aspects of the development lifecycle.


  • Acquisitions, Site selection, site evaluation, due diligence. Off market sourcing


  • Feasibility studies, Sensitivity analysis, scheme comparison, risk identification and  mitigation, reporting to budgets


  • Market positioning and analysis. Choice of the correct market segment and differentiation strategy for each project and market cycle position


  • Alignment of design with market sector, price point, cost, building issues and product differentiation


  • Finance. Comparison of financing options and optimal mix of debt products and equity. Finance application submissions and maintenance of finance provider relationships. Reporting in accordance with facility requirements


  • Tender. Design of tender documentation for construction, consultants, marketing, sales etc. Formulation of the most appropriate format for each individual project


  • Delivery. Close, day to day management of all project participants: builders, consultants, marketers etc.


  • Sales. Selection and management of sales personnel or agencies. Contract administration management. Approval, control and activation of purchaser variations and special conditions.


PPDM provides resources for both established developers and land owners without development experience. We provide assistance with the smallest and largest building and development challenges from tenancy fit out management to full developement services. We are supported by a strong network of skilled and competitive consultants in all fields.

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